Portrait of the artist...

As a child Christèle dreamt of nature and discovery.
She spent hours drawing her environment in pastels.
Life guided her towards distant lands and different backgrounds, and she travelled the world (USA, Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Jordania, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Mali, Cameroun, Indonesia...).
After studying at the School of Fine Arts , she trained as a designer at the National Centre in Lille.
She worked for Galeries Lafayette and other famous brands, and with marriage and children, Christèle could no longer find the time to create.
In 2001, her life changed when her sister asked her to make a painting from a photograph of a Breton landscape, cut from a newspaper. She started right away and finished the painting the same day. The solitude of the workshop brought back memories of her childhood. The pleasure experienced while carrying out this work encouraged her to change her plans and at the age of thirty-five she finally decided to live from her art.Her career progressed rapidly, and she participated in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad.
A visual artist, Christèle manipulates the medium by using mixed techniques (oil, collage, gold leaf, sculpted paper, resin, quartz plaster, pigment, ceramic, semi-precious stone...).Symbolic and abstract, her paintings combine the tradition of the ancient arts (tribal, aboriginal, shamanic, Buddhist ,Hindu…) with the lessons of modern art. Spirituality, music, writing, poetry, architecture;Christèle’s inspiration is rich and varied.The artist invites us to travel back in time to the origins of the world.
She turns to the depth and authenticity of ethnic arts to counter the superficiality of a modern society. Her works aspire to the essential, conjuring primary sensations as a universal message.

Here is what it says about her art:

" I wanted to be a shepherdess, musician or dancer, I am a painter ...
My painting speaks both ink and escape, depth and tree as my personal story made ​​me an uprooted .
I went to look for the origin of my questions in distant lands. Today there or the West asks, first nations offer answers. My ethnic inspirations are a visual antidote, if not visceral our everyday world dominated by machine. I'm an esthete and definition "Reaching the Beautiful" is an inexhaustible source, nature itself offers us who want to understand the invitation.
The act of painting is the last step of my creativity and I ask that the work of felt and analysis. The carnal intercourse sometimes with the support and material comfort me through a technique developed over the years. I am interested in exploring the subject as a gold digger, to compare the shape and material as an architect, vibrating colors as a musician notes, color is vibration, vibration is the universe as a conductor, I am in search for harmony ... I made ​​my white frame as a poet assembles words who love to finally find the perfect balance like a tightrope over the course of his life.
The work itself becomes "the journey" deep, interior, intimate and universal time. It is a generous way of sharing and make us want to be open to differences remind us of our best, that of cause, all creators.”